Founded by designers Wei Hung Chen and Raiheth Rawla in 2017 and launched in 2018, Khaore is an accessories label based out of New York intent on redefining one’s perception of the everyday item. Khaore’s creations are artistic reinterpretations of the everyday and mundane, crafted to introduce a neoteric perspective to audiences.
Since the launch of the label, the design duo has explored and investigated a series of items in different settings and environments. Researching and reflecting on the shapes and concepts behind each objectin its environment, Khaore yields pieces that challenge the conventional notion of a bag and morph the way one would view the original inspiration.
Prior to Khaore, Wei and Raiheth have worked at various labels in New York. Collectively they have worked at Lorod, Philip Lim 3.1, e Row, and Safilo to name a few. Raiheth was chosen as a presenter at Tedx Bangalore in 2018 for her collection researching on the third gender community in India. Wei’s work has been shown at the MoMA as part of the “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” Exhibition in 2017.