Worn Again Technologies

Since Cyndi Rhoades founded Worn Again Technologies in 2005 with a vision to eradicate textiles waste and make a successful business out of solving this problem. With beginnings in upcycling end of use textiles into higher value footwear, bags and accessories, Cyndi has evolved the company to combat recycling at a molecular, raw materials level. A pivotal moment in the company’s history was meeting physical chemist Dr. Adam Walker, a Cambridge University graduate with honours, who had over a decade of expertise and a novel approach to recycling polymers. With a carefully curated team of world-class scientists, Cyndi, Adam and colleague Nick Ryan have created an innovative solution to the way we deal with end-of-use plastics and textiles. Now, Worn Again Technologies is pioneering the process of reversing polyester and cotton clothing back into its original “virgin equivalent », raw materials and has collaborated with companies as diverse as H&M, Virgin Atlantic and Kering.