Elsa Esturgie is fascinated by the basics of fashion and its indispensable tool for creation, textiles. She explores the limitless resources of fabric with an experimental, hand-crafted approach, keeping the cuts of her designs simple and her colour range neutral in order to give the material its full force of expression. As sole director of her workshop, she is in charge of all phases of the process, from the fabric to the end product.

Several hours are devoted to the preparation of certain processes, such as the hot application of plastic strips in successive layers to
create an interplay of colour and highlights. A pleating process enlivens the fabric, giving it shape and volume. In 1998 her laboratory-workshop produced 500 such hand-made items.
Esturgie studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and also has a bachelor’s degree in the applied arts. In 1993 she won the competition organised by the Roubaix Museum of Art and Industry on the theme ” La Route du Lin ” (” The Linen Road “) for her clothing designs in painted linen.