The creations of this Berlin-born designer fulfil a seemingly paradoxical dual function, providing psychological protection while spotlighting the individual. Without compromising modesty, they reveal the beauty of the body and lend confidence to a straightforward, nearly aggressive femininity. Darja Richter accomplishes these twin objectives both in the shapes of her dresses, with their daring cutouts, and in her unusual, non-mass-produced materials, whose development is the primary impetus behind her collections. An ANDAM fellowship granted in 1997 enabled her to pursue her textile research, resulting in the creation of a layering of lace, tulle and wool for her collection ” A Midsummer Night’s Chain Thing “. With this ethereal, gossamer webbing held together by the addition of wool, Richter dresses the body and lays it bare at the same time. A fine mesh of metal chains spans the eye-catching décolleté necklines.