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Have you won any prizes or obtained any grants, subsidies?

If yes, specify each source and financial amount:

Have you already been or/and are you currently the holder of a designing/consulting contract for another label?
Detail the persons or legal/corporate entities name(s) as well as the breakdown of the capital between them
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Describe briefly…

SS 2015 collection budget

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(1) Including the grant and its distribution by budget item (creation, production, show, communication, … ) The business plan will be divided in two part: a simplified version of the 2014/15 estimated budget and a written part explaining precisely the evolution by item and the perspective of brand’s development for the next two years(points of sale, recruitment, communication & marketing strategies, development in France, … )

Aknowledge having read and accepted the terms of entry, declare that I assume all responsibility for the materials submitted to the association ANDAM and recognize that ANDAM cannot be held responsible in case of loss, theft or damage to the application materials. Beyond the date set for the retrieval of applications, specified as October 31st, 2014, I also release ANDAM of any responsibility.
I declare that I am informed that applications of the fellowship winners 2014 shall remain the property of ANDAM.

On July 10th 2014

ANDAM will award, acting through a national commission to a French or foreign designer willing to present his/her collection of garments during the Fashion Week shows in Paris:

250 000 € for the
Grand Prix

75 000 € for the
First Collections Prize

Application process

  • 1 From January 20 to March 31, 2014

    The fashion designers submit their application form for the ANDAM Fashion Awards including company information (structure, team, turnovers, points of sales, ...) lookbooks of their previous collections, as well as a business plan describing their business and creative strategies for the next two years.

  • 2 From April 1 to the beginning of May 2014

    Jury members review all applications submitted by eligible candidates and select the nominees who will be announce by press beginning of May.

  • 3 From the beginning of May 2014 to the end of June 2014

    The finalists work closely with the ANDAM team on their final project which will be presented to the jury. They need to enrich their dossier with sketches of their next collection and a detailed business plan explaining the perspectives of strategic development which will be offered to the brand thanks to ANDAM financial support and privileged mentoring.

  • 4 July 10 2014: The jury meeting

    The jury meeting will take place on July 10th, 2014. The nominees are interviewed by and present looks from past or/and prototypes of their upcoming collections to the jury, during 10 to 15 minutes. The two fellowship winners, elected by simple majority, will be officially announced at the end of the Nationale Commission.

  • 5 September

    In September will take place the fellowship winners shows and the ANDAM prize ceremony, major events of Paris Fashion Weeks.

Eligibility requirements

Grand prix

The candidate, either French or of another nationality, must:
  • — not have won neither of the two ANDAM grants in 2012 or 2013 nor any other prize with a financial endowment in 2013;
  • — have a minimum of three commercial seasons internationally distributed;
  • — have generated a turnover between €300.000 and € 3 million worldwide in 2013;
  • — own a French company or, if based outside of France, be prepared to set up a French company during the same year as the receipt of the fellowship;
  • — Not sign any exclusivity with any international retailers (department & online boutique) for his/her FW14/15 collection, so that if he/she is part of the 2014 finalists, his/her collection will be available globally (in more than 50 countries) through thecorner.com, the luxury online boutique “Powered by YOOX Group”.

First Collections Prize

The candidate, either French or of another nationality, must:
  • — be under 40 (forty) years of age as of January, 1st, 2014;
  • — own a French company;
  • — have generated a turnover between €300.000 and € 3 million worldwide in 2013;
  • — not have won neither of the two ANDAM grants in 2012 or 2013 nor any other prize with a financial endowment in 2013;
  • — have commercially marketed at least one season;
  • — not have generated a turnover of more than € 500,000 worldwide in 2013;
  • — If he/she is the 2013 First Collection Prize’s winner, organize an event to present his/her Spring-Summer 14/15 & Fall-Winter 2015 in “La Suite” exclusive space, supplied by Les Galeries Lafayette.


  • Nathalie Dufour+331 44 08 69 07
  • Caroline Tixier+331 44 08 69 07
  • ecrire@andam.fr