TEKYN is created in October 2017 by Pierre de Chanville and Donatien Mourmant. At the end of 2017, the start-up is a member of the “Hodéfi” promotion, which brings together innovative companies in the Hauts-de-France region. In 2018, it joins the Réseau Entreprendre (Entrepreneurship Network).
In 2019, TEKYN will take part in all the trade shows on the future of Fashion (Fashion Tech Days, Fashion Green Days, Who’s Next, Premier Vision, etc.) to present its alternative production method, reminding people of the importance of producing less, faster and less far to reduce stocks and unsold stock.
The company raised a total of €1.7M.
During the COVID -19 period, TEKYN has experienced a new phase of acceleration.
Taking part in the solidarity drive to produce the masks, TEKYN developed its production capacities in record time, going from 2 automated pre-production lines to 8 lines.
This development was accompanied by a move to more than 1500 M2 in Saint Denis, Ile de France.
TEKYN has a staff of 27 employees. Its head office is in Lille and its production workshop and R&D centre in Saint Denis in the Ile-de-France region.
TEKYN has developed a solution that revolutionizes the sourcing model of ready-to-wear brands. Using software and robotic technologies, the company enables the mass production of clothing on demand and on short circuit. This move from textiles to Industry 4.0 leads to optimal stock management with just-in-time production to produce only garments that are actually sold. Thus, the brand benefits from a significant improvement in its working capital requirement by eliminating the risk of stock shortages and overstocking, i.e. unsold items.
Thanks to the reactivity allowed by its technology, each week TEKYN allows the brand to replenish itself according to its sales of the previous week.
A reinvented supply chain for a more profitable, local and sustainable fashion.