The name Piece d’Anarchive carries three core values:
– Archive refers to French creativity, the artisanal savoir-faire and the most demanding traditional techniques.
– Anarchy stands for the desire to juxtapose universes, mix codes and twist materials.
– Piece underlines the attachment to a certain kind of rarity.
The collections are concise and each design is numbered according to its creation time to progressively build the house’s archive.
Associating casual urban influences with precise crafting techniques, mixing mascu- line with feminine, laid-back with formal, Piece d’Anarchive offers a bold and chic silhouette amidst hints of carelessness.

Created in 2011 and after only two collections, Pièce d’Anarchive received the First Collections Prize and a €60.000 grant from ANDAM to develop its third collection.

Pièce d’Anarchive’s spring/summer 2013 collection draws its inspiration from the world of high level sports. The precision of postures, the coordination of gestures, movement and speed.
Chapter 03 is hence about discipline and its intimate link to beauty and ecstasy. Cuts are clean and straight, stitches and yarns are fine yet textured, patterns are blury, jacquards are assembled upside down, and details stay meaningful and discrete. Freedom of movement is an obsession yet the silhouette stays feminine, cool and above all, « pragmatic ».
For its third chapter, the house re-asserts its anchor in noble knitwear savoir-faire, yet unleashes its creativity through its maiden use of weave. A couple of accessories are introduced to underline the look and its allure.