Natalia Brilli was born in Belgium and now works in Paris where she settled her design studio. After graduating from the prestigious Ecole de La Cambre in Brussels, she leads, besides fashion, a career in set and costume design for theater. She joins the IFM school in 2003 and focuses, after various collaborations with established designers, on what she likes best : designing accessories. Success is here the following year, when she launches her first collection immediately spotted by high end shops such as Maria Luisa, Browns or Barneys. This makes 2004 a key year for her, since she also joins Rochas’ designing studio as an accessories stylist alongside Olivier Theyskens who was designing the prêt-à-porter line at that time. Her own work keeps getting more and more respect and she is awarded the A.N.D.A.M. prize in 2006 and has since then collaborated with renowned leather goods houses.