Although she gives an impression of eccentricity and irreverence, Isabelle Ballu takes a very serious approach to fashion design, leaving nothing to chance. Hairstyle, makeup, jewellery and shoes all fit in with a strong theme expressed by the clothing.

Her early studies at the Studio Berçot, starting in 1985, encouraged Isabelle Ballu to develop this highly personal vision of fashion, which she asserts by wearing her own creations with flair and a touch of humour. Since 1994 each Ballu show has told a story, like successive episodes in a surgical analysis of the garment: “Broyage et Anomalie” from summer 1999 worked with unsewn dress parts and shoes cut in two; the 2000 summer collection ” Maxi-brides ” had giant ” fibula ” clasps holding in
voluminous folds across the back. These perilous exercises, as much an homage to the French tradition of elegance as a mockery of it, are presented in original venues discovered by this indefatigable designer: the Palais de la Femme, the former Ministry of Finance, the main Paris Post Office, the entrance hall of the Madeleine church, etc.

In 1998, Isabelle Ballu received an ANDAM fellowship and one of her designs was marketed by the 3 Suisses mail order house.

In addition to her self-financed personal projects, she has been involved in various fashion events in France and abroad. Since 2008, she is artistic director for Zapa.