Andam mission

“To identify emerging talents in contemporary fashion design and offer them through its award, the means to product a runway show during Paris Fashion Week, and to establish and develop their label in France over time, thus perpetuating the dynamism of the Parisian fashion scene.” in the words of its president M. Pierre Bergé.

A.N.D.A.M. (National Association for the Development of the Fashion Arts) is destined to develop strategic and transversal actions in favour of young designers and Paris influence, as the world’s fashion capital.

Serving these aims, ANDAM unites and coordinates the institutional and private players of this cultural industry.

ANDAM plays a dynamic role in the French Fashion industry, opening prospects

  • Young labels

    to benefit from a privileged support and the means to develop a sustainable business along with a front-line media exposure;

  • Paris Fashion Week

    to maintain its status as world's most creative fashion scene and an essential platform for the luxury industry;

  • Luxury groups

    to access to their future creative directors;

  • Department stores

    to tap into a source of profitable creativity and dynamize their product ranges;

In 25 years, thanks to its expertise and the prescience of its choices, ANDAM has built an undeniable legitimacy becoming a major economic force in French fashion and luxury.

The 2014 ANDAM Fashion Award is organised thanks to the valuable support of its sponsors